Indians, native Americans, aboriginals what ever you want to call us, have been idle for way too long. Today thousands all over Canada walked, for their future, for their kids future. For Canada’s future. 

The longest racial problems have been with us, in 1932 we needed permission to leave our reservations. A lot of people do not even count us as people. It isn’t like we didn’t help out in the wars; it’s not like we didn’t fight for this country. 

Today, we walked. We walked to show that we aren’t taking this anymore. To show that we deserve respect as well. To show that we aren’t anything like what other people make us out to be. 

My people used to own this country, we used to be able to roam it with out any problem. We were allowed to practice our religion with out a problem. Now? My people live in some of the poorest places. We have almost no land. This country is huge & most of it is taken away from us! We used to own this place, now white people own us. 

The government has always wanted to get rid of us. The government had schools that native people would get beaten for practicing their language. We were being assimilated & we still are today! It isn’t as obvious as is was before but it still is there! 

We walk for our future, our land, our family, our friends, our language, our ceremonies. #idle no more! 

Pleas do not use the ” #idle no more” freely a you see people doing on twitter, that tag is getting our words out!